Materials Update

Just a quick little update..
Now things are getting busier with weddings back on, I seem to have lost a few of my brilliant niche suppliers for my various materials and supplies, sadly some have fallen by the wayside with the effects of the last year or so..
So I am finding that some items I can no longer get- ie; specific feather colours, types of findings, ribbons, fabrics etc
So some of the items/ designs on the website will be subject to availability and whether I can still resource specific things at a decent price.
This unfortunately seems to be a bit of a trend across a lot of businesses.. 🙁
Hopefully with a bit of imagination and tweaking I can still create most of the designs as they are seen on the website...
Plus I am working on creating more of the Lily design, which is popular and more of the velvet headbands in winter jewel colours.. 

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