Bespoke Designs for Royal Ascot 2024

Its almost May and soon after that it will be full on Royal Ascot month!

So why not get your order in early, I know a lot of milliners have already closed their books for Ascot, but here at Indigo Daisy Weddings given enough reasonable time, I can make orders with a tight timeframe.

I am really lucky to have two of the top UK millinery warehouses as my regular weekly suppliers, so I have access to a huge range of different millinery supplies including feathers, pillboxes and various shaped bases, crinoline, veiling, sinamay, ribbons, velvet, patterned fabrics, jewellery pieces, beads, crystals, headbands, glitter and sparkle etc etc... in a massive range of colours.

All of my regular designs can be customised to suit, with bits added or taken away, any colours and mixes..

Why not add some crystals to a base, crinoline or veil, or try a supersized bow on a headband.

Or for the money conscious and to reuse and recycle, if you have an old hat or a plain straw cowboy, fedora or top hat, why not have one of my gorgeous feather clips to add to the band and spruce it up, which can then also be used afterwards as a hair clip.

Get in touch either via email or the website chat and see what we can come up with.

Please note, I will not copy another milliners design, but can base a design on something you may have seen that you like.

Thanks for looking

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