We Ship World Wide Every Day !

You may not realise but here at Indigo Daisy Weddings we ship around the World on an almost daily basis and have done for years, there are hundreds of Indigo Daisy designs in the USA which is my biggest selling country outside of the UK, followed by Australia and Canada.

Sadly since Brexit and the introduction of sales taxes and recycling and packaging laws, I am now only able to ship to a handful of EU countries.

Germany, Ireland, Finland, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Estonia and Croatia.

One change we had to make to this website was that as of July 2021, all Non UK buyers will be directed to purchase any items through my Etsy stores (Indigo Daisy Weddings & Gothic Diva Designs) due to the new laws surrounding sales tax and VAT added onto purchases, especially countries in the EU, as its not viable for me to calculate and collect tax on your behalf.

Purchasing via Etsy means the sales tax will be calculated and collected by them.

The only exceptions are Canada which is exempt, as no sales tax is charged, and also some US states - Alaska, Oregon, Montana & New Hampshire)

If you live in any of these areas, please message for ordering details.

Otherwise please browse my site and pop me a message or start a chat if you are interested in purchasing any of my designs.

Most items should have a link back to Etsy, if not, just pop me a message.

We would love to hear from you.

Penni - Indigo Daisy Weddings 



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